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Anvil Cases Now Available in San Diego

For over 20 years, Bald Eagle Cases┬áhas provided San Diego’s Best In Class crating, packaging, shipping and logistics. And now that we are partnering with Anvil, this allows us to provide yet another quality solution for your custom case needs.

The Anvil product line started in 1952 servicing the music industry. It has since grown to service aerospace, IT, medical equipment and the military.

In our video, you will see a sample of the Armolite case which is part of “Fly Anvil”. This beautiful case was designed with 2.2 pound urethane foam to be used for shipping medical equipment. The case is 30% lighter and specially designed for flight.

YouTube Preview Image

If you have any needs or requirements, Bald Eagle Cases San Diego can design a case specifically for you!

Anvil produces and manufactures various gun cases and cases for all of your musical needs. Cases can be custom designed for guitars, amplifiers, or any variety of other products requiring secure casing. Cases are multi-sized and available in different configurations designed for maximum safety and security.

Anvil offers a fully integrated supply chain solution. Using Lojack, you can track your system anywhere in the world and in the case of theft, your belongs can be located immediately.

Anvil also offers stackable rack mounted cases. These cases are designed with heavy duty recessed handles, secure locking brackets and are able to accommodate components requiring specific needs based on their fragility and weight.

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