Engineering Services Capabilities

Here at craters and freighters we strive to provide tailored solutions to meet our customer’s diverse shipping and packaging needs.

In keeping with this philosophy, we offer many services including a fully capable engineering department. Services offered include:

  • Custom 3D modeling of both product and proposed solutions
  • Graphic rendering of products and models for display and sales
  • Decoding and implementation of various specifications including Mil Spec, ASTM and ISTA
  • Blocking, bracing and cradling of products ranging from small household goods to multimillion dollar military equipment.
  • Analyzation of both product and packaging solution including
    –  Center of Gravity / Tipping Point
    –  Custom foam dampening of shock and vibration
    –  Logistic considerations such as Sling points, Fork Truck Entry Points, size requirements and much more.

We have worked with a large range of customers servicing everything from estate sales and residential markets, to Government prime contractors such as General Electric, Dow Corning, Lockheed Martin, and Sun Microsystems.

We greatly look forward to creating a custom fit solution for your product.

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